El Ichraque original Moroccan scrub glove

El Ichraque Traditional Moroccan scrub glove Considered officially registered made from the finest and most prestigious species at all, so long-lasting and easy to use and doesn’t damage quickly

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El ichraque argan oil for skin

L'huile d'argan marocaine est un produit naturel 100/100 fonctionnalités très polyvalents et caractéristiques distinctes en termes de l'effet rapide et positive Donne la sérénité et la fraîcheur de la peau et l'éclat; Effacer les défauts d'acné éclaircit les taches sombres; La mise sous tension de la peau et des ongles.

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El Ichraque soap of argan oil

El Ichraque Soap is original of Morocco have very many benefits of including , it nourishes the skin and unite their color - to delay the appearance of wrinkles - ease of acne - remove the smell of sweat - Soften the skin - bleaching sensitive areas

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Skin protector of argan oil

This product is natural 100% depend on Moroccan Argan oil free of chemicals such as cortisone and paraben ,Moisturizing and nourishing , protect all skin types for men and women from damage and all disturbances until the depths , Useful for men after shave.

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El Ichraque traditional soap of argan oil

is natural ;viscous ,from Moroccan origin ,depends on essential oils completely free of chemicals and characterized by its Dense foam Yellow paste, which is normal 100% rich in vitamin E, used with El ichraque original Moroccan scrub glove Useful to remove dead cells from the skin ; skin whitening, nutrition and gives it softness ...


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