General advices

El Ichraq international company for investment is a company based its international economic strategy on the principle of quality and workmanship and how to do better and better ( the way to the best ).
Then; we recommend our clients to evaluate all that has great quality and take all precautions and use of products from all that is false and forged and seek and use all of our international products who became famous branded el ichraque (a sign officially registered under number 157 832), because of the respect of our products to all safety standards and international official.

Special tips

protective skin cream

For the lightened protective skin cream should be used during the day and night and in the case of exposure to direct sunlight; it is advisable to use it every two hours with a little massage on the area you want to use that to feed the great depths of the cells of the skin cream .this is cautioned not the use for less than 6 years.

Argan oil el ichraque Moroccan origin

For the argan oil el ichraque Moroccan origin can also be used to strengthen hair and nails at any time, especially at night, in order to allow the oil to penetrate and nourish the hair follicles area correctly and sufficiently and the same for the nails; for the skin; it is advisable to avoid its use and exposure to sunlight, which can lead to unsatisfactory results of the skin as tanning.

The soap el ichraque

As for the soap el ichraque can be used at any time before that the use of protective cream el ichraque while avoiding their use on the eyes.

Soap beldi el ichraque

For Soap beldi el ichraque; we recommend that you use once a week before the shower applied to the whole body after that you can use the glove el ichraque Moroccan origin so that the body gets a satisfactory result.

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